Wednesday, April 18, 2007

We’ve arrived already and we have plenty of material for the blog.

We took off at 7:30 from Houston and went to San Francisco and headed to Bejing around lunch time Our flight was delayed, but all was well. Charis slept for about 2 hours of the entire day of traveling. She was an absolute mess the entire trip. We flew with friends of ours that also have three small kids, so we were quite the crew.

Already, Malachi has asked me, “How many sleeps until we get to China?” I said, “We are in China”. He replied, “No, we’re far away” Then he added, “…then where are the panda bears?”

Already, Selah almost drank water from an ashtray.

Already, three of our 16 check-ins are MIA.

Already the fun has started! :)

Here’s a brief recap:

As we were landing, we hit massive turbulence. Drinks were flying, Chinese grandma’s throwing up, it was awful. Carrie got sick, but fortunately made it to the bathroom in time. And for those women who have had babies, you understand that bladder control is an issue. So not only did she throw up in an airplane toilet, but proceeded also to pee on herself and the floor. We then walked out to discover that three of our bags were missing. Out of the 16 check-ins, the three bags that were missing were the ones with our clothes. Carrie, having just peed on herself was not so excited about the prospect of wearing the same clothes for the next week.

Well, we loaded in the one van and one car that came to pick us up and headed to our city. Selah and Daddy in the front seat with the luggage and Carrie, Malachi and Charis in the car. We all gave in to fatigue and slept most of the three hour trip. We got to our city around 8:30. Some friends were there to greet us and give us some snacks that ended up being dinner.

We actually slept amazingly and were ready for breakfast by 6 am. We’ll do the apartment search today and meet our friends Iris and Dawson for lunch.
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