Monday, April 23, 2007

We have a home!

We got an apartment!

3 bedrooms, great size in a growing part of town, a bath tub, a bedei (sp?), furnished, 2 bathrooms with western toilets, 1st floor (but with some stairs, which is a good thing actually), even basement for storage, near a KFC for special treats, a 5 minute taxi from campus, maybe 5-10 from downtown, 20 minute bus ride to either, a kindergarten nearby, an elementary school next door, a children's playground (which are rare here; most are old person's parks). On top of that, our landlord has pretty decent english.

We had two very good national friends help us negotiate. We think we got a fair price.

We may be out of touch via Internet for a few days. We'll see. We have more to share about the kids' first day at school.
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