Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Profiling Spinach

Isn't it funny that we take greater precautions against spinach lettuce than we do terrorists?

Think about it: in the recent spinach outbreak, not all spinach has e-coli, but all the e-coli outbreaks came from spinach; therefore, we took precautions to guard and check all spinach bags? We didn't check apples, cucumbers, or carrots. Why? Because all the sources of danger we knew of had been spinach. (Catching my direction yet...?)

What about terrorism and racial profiling? Not all people of middle eastern decent are terrorists! I absolutely reject any sort of generalization like that; however, would it not make sense to profile to some degree the only known source of terrorism that remains as the greatest ongoing threat today...radical Islam?

So it is that we'll protect against the microscopic forces that be, while not lifting our heads to see obvious, the real world as it is. This all seems like common sense to me.
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