Monday, October 16, 2006

Love Your Enemies--Mt. 5 (Part 1)

In our house, we've been thinking over Mt. 5:43-48 a lot--the command to love your enemies, perhaps the most cited verse about Christian living in church history.
We wanted to share some of our thoughts as a confession of our falling short and as a reminder to us all as to how important it is.

Who are our enemies?

Those who persecute us (5:44), those who hate us (Luke 6:27), those who are blatantly unjust or are God's enemies (5:45), those who cheat us or seem traitorous (5:46), those who are national or social threats or outsiders (5:47), those who aren't even hurting us (5:46) now;

We can't love our enemies until we're honest enough to name them.

Next--"In what way are we to love them?"
Part 3--"How is it possible?"
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