Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Killer Carrot

I just read about 4 woman who are sick and possibly paralyzed from Organic Carrot Juice. This month we've also been hard-pressed to find spinach because of the e-coli outbreak from a farm in California. Spinach and organic carrot juice...these are two things that we're told are supposed to give you healthy skin, teeth, muscles, bones, good grades, great friends and maybe even lower gas prices. But there are a hand full of families in this country that are hitting McDonald's this weekend because these "healthy" foods have left their families sick and changed forever.

It's reminded me of as a Christian, how we should define 'safe.' These people ate these foods becuase they are good for you and are a part of a diet that will give you a wonderful life full of bliss. These foods were 'safe.' Are we as believers supposed to want safety? And if not, than what are we to want? Why has safety become such a mandate in this country? It's funny because as we've worked with people from around the world, we have found the people not striving for safety are often times desperate for Christ. Their safety is not guarenteed nor even desired, because they realize that with safety comes complacency and indifference.

We live in a very safe country. Therefore, we must find ways to become desperate for salvation from ourselves. No more self-help and psychological pats on the back, but Christ. A Christ that promises us heaven and the holy spirit and not a lot more in concern to this world. We need to be with the desperate and remove the distractions we have from becoming desperate ourselves.
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