Monday, July 29, 2013

Coffee to Your Door!

This a post for those of us living in China and find ourselves compromising our coffee standards by drinking boatloads of this:

Chinese blogger Han Han in Nescafe video spot 

Blue Eyes Coffee is offering fresh coffee from around the world, roasted and shipped from Yunnan Province. They are not a mass-bean-producing plant, but rather a family-owned company that will ship bags of coffee TO YOUR DOOR. That's right, I just told you something that actually makes life easier for you by living in China. Even if you don't like coffee, you should have it shipped to yourself just to remind you that there are things in life that are simple.


the owner is American, so you get to SPEAK ENGLISH ON THE PHONE! It doesn't seem to matter how long I've been here, I still feel like lisping sloth when I speak and listen to Chinese on the phone.


There are several different types and they can even put you on a yearly plan so that you don't even have to order the beans every month. We do tons of hosting, so knowing that beans are on their way is a huge advantage. The bags are a great price and we have had nothing but great customer service from these guys.

Here's the Taobao link. You can order directly from the Taobao store.

Or, you can go into the contact area for the email address or phone number and they will send you a full spread on all of their coffee options. Once you place an order, they will send you an invoice through taobao.

We just stumbled upon this company a few months ago and have been really pleased with the coffee. If you order, tell him we sent you so that he can continue to get the word out!

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