Saturday, June 22, 2013

My China Pinterest-Embracing the Broken

I realize it's been a bit since I've blogged. I'm scaling things back a bit so that I can somehow locate my sanity. This might take awhile. And for the time being, I'm utterly consumed with preventing back-of-the-knee sweat.

I do though have a brief installment for my China Pinterest series.

In order to get things repaired here, it requires calling a friend who has a cousin, who has a friend who owns a hammer. The arrangements are made and the person shows up to fix whatever you need. Regardless of what you need fixed, they come carrying wire cutters and a hammer. When you show them that your refrigerator seal is torn and needs repairing, they tell you they can't help. You stare at them and wait. They then get on the phone with another cousin's sister's friend and say they can help week. This little charade happens for most things needing repair. Because of this lovely little phenomenom, there are things that just remain unfixed, but My China Pinterest has given me a much needed attitude adjustment about the whole thing.

Our toilet seat broke about 2 years ago. After carrying the broken seat on multiple buses and asking cousins to fix it, this what remains. We have decided to embrace the broken. We now refer to this toilet as a vintage model. Seats are a modern construct that we refuse to buy into. We are looking for pure antiquity and unfettered commitment to simplicity.

Our refrigerator seal has been dangling from the door for 6 months. We have replaced it with a can of Italian sauce. This brings both a zest and an honesty to our kitchen area. This can that holds our door closed conveys to our guests that we are not pretentious people. Honesty in decoration reflects our family's desire for holistic living.

Our neighbors are rebuilding their apartment and left this ornament lying in the street. Orange mold and I made our way back to our apartment. Spreading orange mold spores throughout our living room and lungs is approved when you call it "refurbishing." It's not dumpster diving, it's rescuing a piece that is screaming for life remade. I can hear it whispering gratitude as I lay my head on the pillow or I could be having mold induced night terrors.

This cabinet bit has been repaired no short of a dozen times.  One afternoon, rage creativity won and I tore appropriately removed the cabinet in order to give our kitchen a more airy feel. Bringing the outside in. Without having to open a cabinet every time you need a bowl, it allows your mind the freedom to think about things. Things such as why are there burn holes on our plastic plates? Or, why is that woman dancing in her pajamas outside my window? Either way, embrace the freedom you feel by forgoing cabinets altogether. It's like entering into a more attractive "Burn your bra," type of protest. 

True, unadulterated freedom.

Friends, there is an undeniable theme to this post. Freedom. Breaking from societal expectations and embracing the broken. Do it. You will not be disappointed.

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