Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Parachuting Turtles and Other Pet-Watching Missteps

I'm not sure how this happened, but we seem to have opened a pet fostering center in our home. For one friend we are watching a hamster and turtle and for another friend, silk worms and fish. Watching other people's animals stresses me out. I literally sit in bed at night composing the conversation I'm going to have when I tell them that we've killed their animals. Last year we watched a friend's hamster and cat. The combination of an unlocked hamster cage and God-given cat instincts led to a tragic mauling and subsequent dinner.

Just last week I was reminiscing a time in college when I launched my roommates turtles from our 3rd floor balcony. They rode tandem on the back of a plastic paratrooper. We took pictures and never mentioned it to the roommate raising the turtles. That was, until the pictures were developed and placed on her pillow.

 Don't ever have me as a roommate.

Yesterday, Makaria's teacher reminded me that we needed black leather shoes for the performance on Friday. The one featuring a Chinese boy singing "Beat It," and our family posing and making cheerleader sprinkles. She reminded me that Makaria was the only one left without the shoes. I told her I don't have them. Upon much guilt laying by the teacher, I told her I'd try and accost a pair from someone. I don't do black patent leather shoes for my kids. Those seem to be reserved for Christmas piano recitals and visits to see the Pope. We are doing neither. 

As I walked home I remember an old pair of sandals that I could paint over. So I did. Here are her "black patent leather shoes." Let's all take a moment to pray that it doesn't rain. 

Apart from my totally pathetic attempt to dress my children, "Redefining Home" is being offered as a part of a giveaway package at this blog. This blogger has some great resources and has started some important conversations about contextualization.

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