Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"Love Story"-Nichole Nordeman

Help, Hubs is letting me take a day off and I need more book recommendations. Quick!

I finished this book about a month ago. I literally finished the last chapter while sitting next to a Russian pimp in Hong Kong. It made me even more appreciative of the words of security wrapped gently around my mind. It also reminded me that if I were to get in a fight with a Russian pimp, I would surely lose. 

Nichole Nordeman did a great job of being an sojourning seeker of truth. She writes honestly, but not just for honesty sake. Sometimes when I read authors who are "honest" in their Christian writing, I discover that while they are honest, they tend to stay knee deep in their own muck. Nichole shares sufferings but in the context of her understanding struggles in the Biblical narrative. It all just seems so appropriately placed in the center of hope. 

Her desire is to push all of us further along in our understanding of Scripture. It's not an exegetical treatise. It's a plodding along with characters in stories and reminding us of things like:

"God has no interest in labels. As God's party you can show up wearing a crown or a burlap sack and expect not a single compliment or insult because everybody has to walk in heart-first." 

And she is stinkin' funny. If you can combine loving Jesus with stories about bird hate, I'm in. Pick this up. It's a quick read that will help you to laugh at yourself and find pleasure in seeking God. Such as when she says this:

"I doesn't really matter if I've laid out the kids' clothes the night before or have a head start on breakfast or set all the clocks in my house ahead ten minutes to trick myself into punctuality. I still end up darting madly through the kitchen like a meth addict, emptying my purse in a frenzied attempt to locate my car keys. Accusing houseplants. Barking at my children to get in the car NOW."

I want to hear book recommendations at Carrie Anne Hudson. Like the kind of books that will make you think hard and laugh much. Or anything that you have found particularly insightful here recently.

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