Thursday, May 10, 2012

Adoption Link-Ups. The Intensely Necessary

Adoption link-ups. We're delving into some intensely necessary blog posts here:

10 Misconceptions about Adoption

She takes some of the major misconceptions swimming around adoption like, people who adopt are saintly. She sheds light on 10 ways that people just might have a wrong understanding of adoption.

Facing Birth Mother Discussions Without Fear
A candid discussion on birth mothers. She lists out 7 things to keep layered in your mind as you breach this conversation.

1. Know what it was; what it wasn’t. The questions Reed asked and the things he said in his wondering about Michele didn’t hurt me at all (other than the fact that he was hurting). Why?

BECAUSE NONE OF IT WAS ABOUT ME. This knowing is what enables me to be fully present for my children during such times. This point is key for adoptive parents to get, deep down in our bones. This was about my son and his innermost feelings. He will have them whether or not I am comfortable with him having them. The question is, can he trust me to feel them on the outside of himself?

Explaining China's One Child Policy in My Daughter's Lifebook

[Editor's Note: Many adoptive parents struggle with explaining the "whys" behind their child's relinquishment. The trend to create a Lifebook -- think baby book but for a child brought into a family by adoption -- tries to address some of that in a physical, you-can-touch-and-see-it way. Ellen at The Daily Grind shares how she tackled the difficult subject of China's "One Child Policy" in her daughter's Lifebook. She does it with simplicity and grace that could be used for other complex adoption situations, thus making this post a must read for adoptive parents. -Jenna]

Exclusionary Exclusions: Will Adoption Gain Me Access to the Moms' Club?

A very honest post about infertility and the desire to be a mom. 

Well, it's official... of all the girls that I became friends with on Soul Cysters, I am now the ONLY ONE who has not become pregnant.
The only one. The only one. The only one.

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