Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Your "I won't" list

Should I...yes.

Do I...nope.

I feel like this is the storyline of my life for this season. I was talking with a friend awhile back and she was telling me about making a "I won't" list. Sweet! A list of things that I don't have to do. Perfect and totally doable.

I am a dreamer. From the time I wake up, an avalanche of ideas pours over me and it gets me out of bed. This is why I start projects and never finish them. I say this while sitting next to my new chores system that has yet to be implemented but sits here while I blog. Point made. But I think that we have to look at the things in our lives that might be good things, but not best things. Or at the very least, "not now things."

If you have 3 kids under 4, you do not have to make an Easter wreath out of Peeps. Would that be fun? Yes (well, maybe). But, trust me...put that on your "I won't" list. That way the pressure to make your house look perfect for the holidays is relived because it's on that list.

When you walk into Target and the temptation cling-ons start pulling your cart to the DIY isle, remind yourself that organizing your wedding pictures is on the "I won't" list for 2012.

My "I won't" list for this year includes:

1. I won't start science until 2013

2. I won't train for any type of race or athletic competition.

3. I won't get a new Chinese tutor.

All of these things are tempting for me to try. But I know that my sanity is a fragile thing. Having them crossed out of my mind allows me the freedom to make an actual to-do list that is manageable and productive.

Do you have some things that you WON'T do this year? No, you cannot put cleaning dishes on that list, so go ahead and erase it.
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