Friday, March 16, 2012

Kindle Drama

I promise the Kindle version of "Redefining Home" IS coming out. It is up on NOOK though! But I feel  like at this point, Kindle has become the Coke, Xerox, and Kleenex of e-readers. No offense to my Barnes and Noble peeps. So, the giveaway will take place when the Kindle version is released.  

There have been a few bumps in getting the formatting correct, so it's taken longer than expected. I have grown a tad impatient at how long it's taking, but I am reminded that it took Moses 40 years of wandering to return to his task. I think I can wait another 2 days.This Kindle thing has been a traumatic process I will tell you. The other night, I had a dream that I wet the bed at a slumber party. I clearly have issues.

In the next few days, all should be right in the world. least right in my little Kindle world. 

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