Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Scholastic Bookwizard

Our kids go through books like a newborn goes through diapers.  And one of the problems hurdles we have with living overseas is that our access to books is limited.  As of August, 2011, the kid's ebook selection is about 2 laps behind the adult ebook world.  It's catching up but at a grandma's pace. I don't have the luxury of ordering lots of books, just hoping my kids will like them.  My gambling margin of error is pretty much none.

Something I've discovered lately is this bookwizard from Scholastic

You can punch in a book that your kids have really enjoyed and the level you want them to be reading next.  For example, my kids have loved Magic Tree House.  But 2 of my kids can now read them in one bathroom sitting.  I can use this bookwizard to type in "Magic Tree House" but then I type in what level I want the search to include.  For us, I will type in 3 grade levels above Magic Tree House.

Voila! The bookwizard lists out the books of similar story lines, but more age appropriate for my kids.  It's like having a personal librarian without the hair bun, glasses on a chain and the snide comments about the Michael Jackson Fan book that you wanted to check out every week of second grade.

 Some of us still have scars.
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