Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Miraculous Potty Training

No joke, this kid started potty training himself this week.  He's 20 months and had just had enough with dirty diapers.  3 days ago, he had an almost clean diaper, but it was too dirty for him.  He was complaining for us to come and change him.  He's been doing this for awhile now with really dirty diapers, but never almost clean ones.  So we decided to let him try out this potty training thing.

So he's been running around naked (which is actually standard kid style in our fam) and using the potty pretty much without reminding.  He's got a little duck that he sits on.  He's done all the numbers.  And he's only had TWO accidents.  In THREE days....only TWO accidents.  For those who have never potty trained, you won't quite be able to understand the deep level of praise we are offering to the Lord here.  I really, really dislike potty training.  And it seems as if God's just gonna take care of this one for us.  

Kesed will use the potty on his own.  Empty it in the toilet.  Flush.  Put the potty chair back together.  All by himself.  

I think the Lord knew we had about as much as we can handle this month.
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