Sunday, April 05, 2009

It's Martha Time

It was FINALLY warmer today! As in, we didn't have to wear our long underwear. But with warmer weather comes strawberries and next come peaches. But here's the deal. The last couple of times I've noticed that the strawberries are just not lookin' right. Apparently the same chemical they put in the clouds to make it rain, also produce some wigged out fruit. Do you think it's ok that we're eating these things? It's not like "oh, kids look, there's this weird strawberry in the bunch." Because it's pretty much all of them. What do you think, eat or stay away?

On to more uplifting things, we made these fun things over the last two days. We love doing crafts in our house. This was was really fun and used scrap paper and home made glue.

Homemade Glue is super easy and eco-friendly (just don't think about the fact that the ingredients you are using to make glue are also the ingredients in most of the bread products we eat. Colon cleansing anyone??)

Add 1 c. flour to a sauce pan
Add 1 cup hot water to sauce pan

Mix until smooth.

Add 2 c. flour and stir.

It will still be a little lumpy, but stir until blended together. Turn the heat up and bring it to a boil, stirring the entire time.

About 7 minutes later, it will thicken to a pastey texture.

Use paint brushes to brush it on.

You put vaseline or in our case oil to cover a bowl. Then, we ripped up scrap paper. A layer of strips for the base and then smaller pieces for the inside. And just keep on until you've got 4-5 layers. Then I pulled them out of the bowls for a little bit to make sure they wouldn't stick. I put our paper bowls in the sun to let them dry overnight. Then we painted and decorated them this morning. They turned out really cute, the kids did a great job. Selah also made a little fly and stuck it to the end of the frog's tongue, but it's hard to see in this picture. Then we all headed to the store to pick up some candy to put in our little bowls.

While Martha would be proud of our little craft project, she would not be at all excited about our strawberries. Those bad boys aren't coming from any organic farm using natural fertilizer flown in from Argentina and grown in pure oxygen in some remote farm in Connecticut. Sorry Martha.
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