Wednesday, April 01, 2009

3 miracles yesterday

There's tons of paperwork that has to be done for adoption.  All of it time sensitive and needing immediate attention.  One of the most important forms,  the embassy worker forgot to have us sign before we left-in january. So the first week of February, they emailed and told us to scan our signature in and they would take care of it.  We did that-3 times.  We then made 8-9 follow-up calls making sure everything was ok.  Never once talking to a real person, but leaving messages.  I'm not sure why nobody from Homeland Security was EVER answering their phones, but that's for another time.  So 2 nights ago, I had a dream about our adoption paperwork.  I was very clearly told (by whom, I'm not sure) that our paperwork was not being taken care of. 

So, I (carrie) had this dream.  At 8:30 am, I called and actually talked to a person.  It's now been 2 months since our paperwork has been filed.  He said "Oh ya, your paperwork is sitting right here on this desk.  We haven't received your scan yet."  Trying to remain calm, I explained to him the seriousness of their complete screw up and that he'd better get this stuff going...NOW.  He was helpful though.  But praise the Lord for the dream.  Because we never heard back from the embassy, we just dropped it and hoped everything was ok.  Well, everything was not ok, so thank you Lord.  

Later that day, we got a phone call from our landlord.  A lot of you know that her family wants to move back in to our apartment in August/Sept.  This causes some problems with the adoption if we don't pick up our little girl before we have to move.  So we've just been waiting to see how God's going to figure this one out.  Well, our landlord called and said that her 16 year old  daughter "thought that it was too much trouble for us to move.  That moving to a new country with small kids is hard enough and that they shouldn't make us move out of their apartment." So they are going to rent another apartment on a 5th or 6th floor instead, so that we can stay here!!  I can't tell you how incredible this is.  When we tell this story to our friends here, their mouths drops open in shock.  They have never heard of a landlord having this kind of compassion on their tenants.  Again, thank you Lord!

Lastly, as Brad and I were walking home that same day, we ran into bird lady.  We call her my personal sanctification.  If it's not complaining, she doesn't say it.  But she told me how much my Chinese has improved and how wonderful I'm doing.  I was in shock!

God was so incredible as He showed us several miracles yesterday.  I give Him all the credit!
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