Sunday, March 15, 2009

Continuation of the Red Scarf Drama

So Selah is now at a new school. It's right behind our apartment complex. She's got lots of friends there and is doing really well. And with the start of a new school, come the continuation of the desire to wear the prized red scarf. We did a post previously about how the red scarf is worn by people that are considered good students. It's to recruit for the Party when the students are older. We've decided to let her wear it and just see what happens. Well, last week, Selah came home so excited. She is now one of three 'red scarf police'. She stands at the doorway while students come in for the morning and checks to make sure they're wearing their red scarf. If they aren't, she reports to either the teacher or the 'head' of the red scarf police. (mind you, these are all 7 year olds).

So not only is she wearing the scarf, but promoting it's conformity. We are going out of town for a few days this week for a home schooling meeting and she told me that she's really concerned that she won't be at school to implement her red scarf duties. She was also excited that she could feel genuine when she sang the national anthem said the pledge. She said before her red scarf, she just felt like she was pretending, but now it's for REAL. She also refers to former important Chinese leaders as grandpa. As in Grandpa Deng Xiao Ping, for those of you who know your Chinese history.

So there you have it, the next chapter of the "Red Scarf Drama".
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