Sunday, November 16, 2008

Selah's 7th!

We celebrated Selah's 7th Birthday this week!  I cannot believe she is 7 already.  I love who she has become and how the Lord is growing and changing her in so many ways.  She broke down in grief the other day because we told her to say she was sorry the other day, but she felt like in her heart, she wasn't sorry.  We've had several interactions with her like this lately, where she is becoming more and more aware of sin and her need for forgiveness.  It's beautiful.  (Sorry for the random underlines below.)

We always have a family dinner on the night of their actual birthday.  She wanted chicken alfredo.  We invited our close family friend over to join us because she couldn't come to the party.  We also go around the table and express what are a few things that we love about the birthday person.  
We had the party on Saturday.  She invited a school friend and some friends that live around us.  I'm so proud of her Chinese.  It's so fun because she doesn't really even complain about not having English speaking friends.  But we did get to invite one other American family in the city.  Here's mom doing some face painting.  It was a flower themed party.  I just couldn't do princesses for another year.  

This is her friend from school.  They used to sit next to each other, but got separated because they talked too much.  She's a sweet friend to Selah.

We played pin the bee on the flower too.  The girls all thought this was a blast and played it again and again.

The weather wasn't super cold, so we headed outside and played a game called "Eagle catches the small bird."  It's a traditional game here that all the kids play.  

We had a wonderful time!  Selah has become a wonderful girl.  As parents, it's amazing to watch her love others and care deeply for the hurting.  The last few months, she has told us several times that when she gets older, she will move to Africa and live among Muslims.  It will be fun to see what He does with her.

We love you sweetie!

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