Monday, November 24, 2008

2 Firsts

First First:   

We decided to get Kesed's first hair cut.  I've been delaying because he had these precious curls in the back.  But now that the humidity is gone, it just looks like a bird's nest sitting on his neck.  And then there's the comb over in the front.  Bottom line, it just had to be done.  He's chewing on his bribe, but to no avail, he hated the whole deal.

Second First:  

Selah lost her first tooth!  She had been working on it for awhile now.  And actually, the two teeth on the bottom are already in quite a bit.  It was end of the day on Saturday and she wiggled it out.  Before too long, the one next to it will be out.  

We did the whole under the pillow, tooth fairy thing, but she got scared when she saw shadows in the middle of the night.  So at about 3 am, she found out the truth.  She never asked us directly if it was real (otherwise we would have told her the truth), but she had a suspicion.  But we think she really did want to believe it was true, so she just never asked :).  
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