Saturday, March 08, 2008

On the Catwalk...

So we've decided to give Selah some more freedom in picking out her own clothes. Usually she'll pick something out and I'll veto at least one or two parts of the outfit. Well, she's getting older and I figured what can it hurt to let her choose her entire outfit and actually wear it outside the house. I'm not altogether sure that was a wise decision. Here's the first day's selection:

This is at the end of the day (I say this to let you know that she wore it out in public). Yes, that is a pink polo under her velvet dress. Now I'm not the trendiest kid on the block, but I'm pretty sure this is not fashionable in any culture. But she's so proud of herself and so excited at the ensemble that she put together that I just don't have the heart to change it.

You have to look a little closer at this one. The is the next day's choice. This week, she got really into putting shirts OVER her sweaters. Sometimes those shirts were even tanktops. Unfortunately there are no pictures of that day. But this little get up is also a sweater and a green short sleeved shirt. Again, she's so excited and proud about her choices. I'm biting my lip and taking pictures to keep for blackmail when she's a teenager.

Here's Charis and her split pants. If you've known us for awhile, you also know that Chinese children wear split pants for easy access bathroom stops. You might laugh now, but when you're potty training a 2 year old, split pants and peeing on the streets is the best thing ever. She's really enjoyed her class at school and is doing great there.

Here's her dress that our former nanny gave her. It's really expensive and nice. You can be the judge on it's fashion acceptability.

We had some good friends over the other night to eat with us. Their baby girl is only a month younger than Kesed. It's his first Chinese girlfriend. We explained how Americans love Chinese babies, so this picture is included on our "catwalk" blog because maybe the cuteness of this picture will redeem me letting our girls out of the house with these aforementioned outfits on.
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