Monday, March 24, 2008


Here's a St. Patrick's Day picture! It's so much fun being overseas when holidays roll around, because we get to pick which ones we want to celebrate. So Halloween, just skipped it. But St. Patrick's Day, celebrated it to the full. So the morning of Mar. 17th, I made green Shamrock pancakes and we watched a little snippit of a VeggieTales that has the St. Patrick story. It was wonderful. We spent 2 days going over his glorious life. If I was a cool blogger person, I'd have St. Patrick in blue and you could click on him to warp you to some invigorating website about him, but I'm just not that cool. That's what Google's for.

We invited 2 other American famlies, a few Chinese friends and some of our kids friends from school. We first decorated some bags to put our Easter eggs in while the Dads went outside and hid the eggs and candy. A few of the Dads had to post security duty because the community kids were taking the things out of the bushes.

Selah and her sweet friend. We taught our friends how the egg hunt was done and they were off!

Here's Charis, her pancho and some bag decorating.

He is 6 months old already!

And then we hit KFC. We actually ran into a bunch of Selah's classmates also there. It was funny because we took over most of the restaurant and the playground. Every 7 minutes of so we'd hear an announcement over the loud speakers: "Please make sure your kids are safe on the playground." That's the indirect way of telling us "you are making way too much noise."

We had a fantastic holiday! We've made lots of friends and gotten to tell many about our celebrations. Thanks for your thoughts.
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