Saturday, July 07, 2007

East meets Eastside

So it's a hard day for our family. Our best Chinese friend, Iris, just got her visa approved to go to England with her husband. He is already there and she will be joining him for the next 10 months while he works. They might even be able to extend, depending on his future with the company. She's been a main stay in our family both this time and last time we were here. She's also both Brad and I's tutor. So needless to say, we spend a majority of our week with her. She's also the one who got married when we first arrived. We've been helping her secure the visa, so we knew this was coming, and I think it's going to be a great thing for her to go. She's looking to leave in the next week or two. Our last day with her is tomorrow. She'll be over here all day and most of the night, so please think over our time with her.

We are rejoicing at His great plans. Continue to think of her as she processes the things we have shared with her. The kids are sad and so are we. Here's a picture of them dancing the other day. We refer to this picture as "East meets Eastside," because they are dancing to old school Grits.

Here are the kids in our "Castle!" It came complete with a jail, a garden and window treatments.

Charis and mom after bath time. She's almost a year and a half. Oh ya, did we say that she's got chicken pox?! So much for that vaccine we put her through.
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