Thursday, July 26, 2007

Beijing and Home

So here our travels begin. We took a train from our city into Beijing to pick up Carrie's cousin, her husband and their 8 month old. We also decided to go to the doctor and eat some Western food for Brad's birthday. As some of you know, the doctor's appointments did not go as planned, but the pizza (at a place called Kro's Nest for those ever in Beijing. It was wonderful!), the Mexican food and Starbucks were better than imagined. Here's the kids on the train. They have a new fast train that takes only two hours to get there.

Charis spent much of her time walking the aisles and mooching food from unsuspecting passengers.

Here's Malachi in a picture captured by spying paparazzi. This is us at the beach with our family. There's a great beach about 30 minutes away. Once you get over the speedos, the sights are great.

Selah and Charis enjoying the beach. It was really Charis' first time to enjoy the beach. She spent most of the time sitting and throwing sand.

This is my kind-of nephew (he's my cousin's son). Looking dapperly in his new shades.

Here's Charis, Malachi and I. Just wanted to show the fat pregnant woman. I'm not sure why fat is cute for a baby but not so much for a woman. I'm getting large...only about 8 weeks to go!

Here's the fam.

We also went to Olympic park with my family. It's an entire park dedicated to the upcoming Olympics. It's got statues and memorials and monuments, it's really great. We spent the morning there looking around.

We had a great time with our family. It was some much needed time of fellowship and refreshment. We went to the end of the Great Wall, Olympic park, downtown and just rested. We did get to do a free talk and parade around their 8th month old, but all in all it was a good combination of work and play.
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