Saturday, September 30, 2006

ok honestly...Joel Osteen?

We just tried to bear a Joel Osteen sermon.
I hate being critical because Paul said in Galations to rejoice anywhere the gospel is preached, even if its out of poor motive. In Rom. 13, he basically says to each his own (within limits).

But at what point does a guy stop preaching Jesus and start preaching Dr. Phil.
He kept talking about how good we are and we just need to find the power within, overcoming the negative feelings of childhood. He never mentioned Jesus, Scripture, sin, not even God.

I don't doubt that many people in his church are Christians, and I don't presume to say Joel isn't a Christian.... but what he teaches is dangerous. Just because God has used the church for good doesn't mean God approves.

After all, God used Judas too.
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