Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Day 1: Meditation Multitasking

Day 1

Our VPN was down, so I decided that was God's way of telling to meditate while I cut strawberries in my kitchen. Normally, I want to listen to a podcast or music or a Rami Malek interview on Youtube. I looked at my watch, 9:44 am. Ok, I would give myself until 9:49 to be quiet (with the added bonus of getting fruit chopped for dinner). I had now decided that multitasking meditation would be my jam.

A solid 15 seconds in and my mind introduced itself to these these players:

A hole being drilled 2 floors up.

Groups of wandering policemen outside my apartment complex.

My own acoustic remix of "Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs." But, only that line over and over because the rest of the song's lyrics are filled with incoherent gaps.

Look how fast I can cut bananas.

Maybe I should do some game show about home cheffing.

Audibly telling the left over pico de gallo how much I loved it.

I haven't even seen the minute hand move and all of these things had happened.

Day 1 was a total meditation fail.

Things I learned: 

1. I cannot multitask and meditate.
2. I need to sit down with maybe some quiet, pan flutey type music to drown out any peripheral noise.
3. I might even need to leave the house.
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