Friday, February 29, 2008

The Stars at Night...

The stars at night, are big and bright....

So if you just clapped 3 times after that line, you are one of my dear Texas friends. Gotta love Texas

And Selah and I were walking home together from our family night out and she and I were looking at the stars. She was so excited to actually see that they exist outside of a book. This country's stars have mostly disappeared behind the curtain of pollution.

But not tonight! What a magnificent sight. Even more incredible when you have been void of their display for SO long. So all of you who can see the marvelous canvas God has given you outside your windows, take it in tonight. It's such a vivid display of God's complexities and beauty. Psalm 139!

On a not so sanctimonious note here's today's Arbitrary Parent Rule:

Arbitrary Parent Rule:

"Malachi, you cannot breast-feed your brother!"
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