Wednesday, June 20, 2007

M bags and gang beatings

We just wanted to let the world know that my dad sent some boxes via M bag on June 11th and we picked them up today!! Usually these babies take 3-4 months to arrive. Now we haven't gotten all of them, so who knows when they will come. We figured there was something in them that we REALLY needed to read. We were blown away that they got here so quickly.

The other strange thing was that as we were leaving, we got caught up in the middle of some type of gang beating. I, Carrie, was with the older two kids and I came up on a group of about 15 young men running to get-away cars holding big pieces of wood. We did some investigating and there was a man laying down, beaten. The police soon arrived, but the guys were long gone. I could've taken some good cell phone pics, but was glad that I bought a cheap phone without a camera. I might have ended up in the middle of it more than I wanted to be.

The frustrating thing is that they won't be caught and if they are, they'll get off if they know the right people.
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