Saturday, March 04, 2006

Selah and the Car Seat

The other day Selah was trying to strap herself into her car seat. She always likes to do it herself. She wasn’t strong enough to get the buckle locked in and immediately, she went into a panic and was utterly stressed out and in a panic. She cried out, “I can’t get it”, now in near tears, though she had only tried to do it for a total of about 3 seconds. I just sat there waiting quietly. Finally, I just said, “Why don’t you ask me for help? I’d be glad to help you if you can’t get it.” In all her frenzy, she never imagined asking the one who could help her do it quite easily. I was inches from her just waiting to be asked. She had no need for anxiety.

Isn’t it exactly the same with the Lord? For someone who hasa lot to learn about not being so anxious or stressed out, it was a bit convicting to say the least.
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