Monday, January 30, 2006

My Family

I have a great family, with a wife and three kids (as of now). We'd love ot have four. We'll see. My wife is my jewel, my prize, a great gift of grace. She has been a wonderful instrument of redemption for me. We got married just out of college and have moved all over the world. Her patience, boldness, wisdom, and gentleness challenge me deeply. My kids are a joy as well. A daughter, then a son, then one more daughter. Kids always make you think and examine yourself. They really love showing how much of a sinner you are; but I've loved loving them. I love that they perfect my ability to love. It's quite true that you learn a lot about our Father's love ofr us through being a parent. We have given them unusual Biblical names for a few reasons: We want their names to be prayers over their lives; we want their names to provoke spiritual dialogue; and we have reflected our journeys at the time of their birth in their names.

My mom is a hero to me. She raised me herself for the first 2 years, from age 16, without family help. She's sacrificed everything for her kids. She works hard and is incredibly honest. I've never had a real close relationship with my dad growing up, but I hope that changes. He instilled discipline in me where I needed it. I'm grateful for that. We don't really talk anymore, so pray for reconciliation, as I do love him and pray for him often, especially that he'd love Jesus. I have a much younger brother and sister. I don't get a lot of time with them, since I left the house much earlier than them and have moved all over the place. I really hope to grow closer to them as they continue to grow into adulthood.

I really enjoy having the in-laws I do. They are incredible loyal and are probably the most generous people I've ever met. My wife's side of the family gets together a lot. Most are Christians, though I'd love to know and enjoy more about how God daily works in their lives.
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