Friday, April 19, 2019

Day 3 & 4: 4 minute success!

Day 3-4

I was sick for day 3, so my meditation looked like a nap. A fretful nap where I reminded myself to defrost ground pork.

Day 4, I listened to this. She guided me through a few centering moments of noticing my breath. I actually found this extremely helpful as well. I kept my mind just focused enough to not wander off course too badly.

This is Good Friday, so we all have a lot to meditate on. I feel better about day 4 and my mind feeling clearer. While I did open my eyes 3 minutes in because it felt like 20 minutes, I was able to do fairly well until 4 minutes.

I'm going to try and increase my time by 1 minutes a day.

Things I learned:

It is good to have a short, small guided voice helping me start the meditation process.
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